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Updated On: Nov 05, 2017

During the time when someone is diagnosed with an illness or disabling injury family, friends, and co-workers come out of the woodwork to offer assistance, provide meals or simply discuss the condition. Unfortunately however, this can be burdensome to those going through a life changing event.

The web offers a great ability to provide a resource for people to use to find out latest status, post surgery updates, even coordinate assistance.

We strongly encourage that a family member (son or daughter) or even a close friend be responsible for developing and maintaining a web page using one of the following free web pages to create a "go-to" place for information and event coordination.

It is always appreciated when friends bring meals but unfortunate when they all come on the same day.

Use the web page to create a sign-up for meal deliveries, getting rides for kids to events (soccer practice, school etc).

Finally, use the page to broadcast updates on conditions to minimize the phone calls and impromptu visits to allow the person control of their healing.





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